Farm Toy Auction

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 • 11:00am

Where: Jane Addams Community Center, 430 Washington St; Cedarville, IL 61005

800+ farm toys and trucks! Very large auction, extremely good items!

Jeff Pfile Collection; Dakota, IL: 500+ 1/64 Tractors, Implements, many NIB, 1980-90. Historical Sets; 1/64 Semi Trucks; 1/64 JD Works Tractor Series, rare; JD 4020 Custom; IHC 1566, 560; CIH 1270, 2390 TTT, 8950 mag; Precision 620 LP, 494 A Planter, 214 T Baler, Barge Wagon; F-20; WD-9; MH 44; AC D21; DA 8010; Case 1170; CIH 9150; JD 6030, 3010, 5020, 5010 Prec; 4020 w/ Picker Prec; Oliver 1950T; AC 8030; JD 80,R; Agri King 1175; Early 5020, rare; 20+ pcs. Tru-Scale; 1570 Spirit of Case; Assort. 1/64 Farm Buildings, Display set-up items; Toy Farmer; 1/32 Big Bud NIB; 300+ Pcs. JD, IHC, NH Literature; Green Magazines; Nylint Fire Truck; Lumar Dirt Loader; 3 pc. Loader, Grader, Elevator.

Jake Reed Collection; Seward, IL: (1/16) White American NIB 4 pc set; AC D21; JD; Ford; JD & IHC Historical Sets; 4 pcs; Field Dreams; Many 4 wheel Drive 1/64; Slick Farm Set NIB; BP Feed Truck; Deans Milk Semi; 100+ 1/64 Tractors & Implements.

Vernon Jones; Rock City, IL: Structo Dump Truck; Marx Climbing Tractor; TruScale Wagon, Spreader, Mower; Auburn Rubber; Buddy L Cement Truck; 2 Tonka Dump Trucks; Nylint Cement Mixer; Structo Grader; Structo Bulldozer; Structo Steam Shovel; Structo Army Jeep;

Mike Krauss; Bellview, WI: 1950 Oliver custom; AC 220 custom; D15 AC 1989 Minneapolis Fair Ed; JD B custom; JD A w/ mt. Picker; Silver Elevator; 1/64 5 V8 Puller; JD D Heritage Ser. 207 Ed. Ser; JD Dump Trucks; Tonka Bulldozer.

Payments must be in cash or check with picture ID. Lunch stand and restrooms on site.

Call Auctioneer Rick Garnhart at 815-238-3044 with questions.